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ClearCheckbook News and Updates for May 2016

5/19/2016 in ClearCheckbook News
This blog post will cover a lot of new features, mobile app updates and bug fixes that we've been working on recently.

Introducing Account Groups
We just added the ability to create groups to help you organize your accounts. Each group will be separated within your Account Overviews with their own 'group total' balances. You also have the option to exclude a group from being added to your overall balances.

To start using the account group feature, click on Settings at the top right side of the page, then click on Accounts. Below your list of accounts you'll see a new form to add a new group. Once you've added a group you can assign new or existing accounts to them. Note: Account Groups requires an active Premium Membership.

iOS App Update
The developer we contracted to rebuild the app has finished all functions of the app itself. We're now going through and testing all the sections of the app for bugs and any issues. Once that is done we simply need to update the UI and we'll be ready to launch. I hope to have some screenshots of the app with the new UI available soon.

Android App Update
Several months ago one of our users reached out to us asking if they could have a shot at rebuilding the Android app and we said 'of course!' Since they're doing it as a side project of their own we aren't making any promises about a delivery timeframe but so far the app is looking really good. Here are some screenshots from the Alpha version of the new app:
ClearCheckbook Android app alpha
ClearCheckbook Android app alpha
ClearCheckbook Android app alpha
ClearCheckbook Android app alpha

Recent bug fixes / minor updates
Most of the recent bug fixes revolved around input validation to make sure that when you're adding, editing or deleting transactions, reminders, budgets, etc you won't run into unexpected results based on the data you enter. There were also some tweaks to the Import Transactions tool to better recognize data fields and automatically match them on the field verification page. Running balances also got an update that fixed some issues with the balances not showing up correctly if you started paging through your transactions.

Happy Birthday to us!
In addition to all of the above, ClearCheckbook just turned 10 years old today! I launched the site back in May 2006 as a way for myself and some friends to manage our personal finances. The site has grown and improved tremendously over the years due in large part to the suggestions of you, our users.

We'll have more news about the mobile apps soon.


Founder, ClearCheckbook

Comments for this post:

I'm looking forward to using the new groups feature and can't wait for the new IOS app. Thanks for everything you do and congratulations on 10 years.
by knowotny on May 20, 2016
Happy anniversary Brandon. So glad you were so interested in getting your own personal finances under control your own way in 06' & so glad to have found you (CCB) a few years later. I love every aspect of this site. I use it for personal finance purposes only (not a business), so my own needs are pretty basic. I ditched using a physical check book soon after joining CCB, so its been almost 7 years now of paperless records, saving many a tree!!!

In regards to the Android App....I use it every day, usually at the POS and have absolutely no issues with it. It is simple & serves ALL of my basic needs. I think there were 3 times I used it when I had wished the search functionality was available on the App for past transactions like you can on the desktop site....but that seems so meaningless compared to other huge projects you have on your plate.
Again Happy Anniversary & keep up all the awesome work. You have a lifetime user in me!!!!!
by PHishHead on May 20, 2016
To everyone at ClearCheckbook, great work! You've got me hooked for life! I love your website service. Simply perfect in every way. Thanks for all that you all do for us!
by glennbottomly on May 20, 2016
This is by far my favorite program
I am so excited to finally see IOS about to re launch. Thank you so much.
by dotsme on May 21, 2016
Thank you
Thank you for the update. I'm looking forward to being able to use the app again.
by r279tch on May 21, 2016
Using this service now for many years. Looking forward to the new ios app.
This service helps me a lot keeping and eye on my spendings, income etc.

Thanks for your work!
by Flode on May 22, 2016
Will you be adding groups to the estimate future balances???
by loganjschmidt on May 23, 2016
Keep up the great work!
by rtwright on May 25, 2016
Thank you for a fantastic product .
by Mmacholda on May 26, 2016



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