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ClearCheckbook Premium Members can Attach Files to Transactions

1/4/2016 in ClearCheckbook News

We're happy to announce an update to ClearCheckbook that allows all premium members to attach files to their transactions. This is great for attaching purchase orders, receipts, contracts, statement of works, etc to your transactions for archival purposes and to easily correlate transactions with any necessary documents.

If you're already a premium member, you can enable the Attach a File feature by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page and then click on Manage Custom Transaction Fields and then change the drop down list next to the Attach a File option.

Once you've enabled the Attach a File option you'll see a new option on the Add and Edit transaction fields that allow you to select a file. When you add or edit a transaction after selecting a file, the file will be given a unique codename and uploaded via secure connection to our file hosting server.

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Once you've attached a file to a transaction, you can view it by clicking the paperclip icon. This will download the file to your computer so you can refer to it as needed. You can also use the Search tool to find all transactions that have an attachment associated with them. This will make it extremely easy to hunt down the necessary transactions if you're searching for the file later.

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This has been a highly requested feature and we're happy to have it out and available for use now. There aren't immediate plans to integrate this ability into the iOS or Android apps that are currently being rebuilt but it's something we'll look into for a further update.

The fine print: The files you attach are limited to 2mb in size and have certain file format restrictions only allowing documents and images (such as PDF, JPG, PNG, XLS, etc). Deleting a transaction with an attachment associated with it will also permanently delete that attachment from our servers. Editing a transaction and replacing the attachment with a new file will permanently delete the old attachment from our servers.

Comments for this post:

I was wondering when and if you were ever going to do this. Awesome stuff.
by chrisdavis12345 on Jan 23, 2016
Great addition! Thanks!
by dmcgee on Aug 21, 2016
This is needed in the mobile version
This is more needed in the mobile version than the desktop. Most people are snapping a picture with their phone
by cfclay on Jun 6, 2018
Very needed in 2018
I just paid the Premium, one of the reasons being the ability to attach pictures, enabled it from settings and just found out that I still cannot do it from my Android. I'm...stunned.
by KANS on Jun 17, 2018
Multiple Attachments
Say I was being audited by the IRS or required to show multiple file attachments. How would I go about downloading multiple file attachments at once? Say for example, I search for all transactions to "McDonald's", and each of my transactions has a receipt attached to them. How would I go about downloading a zip file or a PDF of all my attachments together?

Perhaps this needs to be a suggestion item, but I would think that if you could provide the capability to have a PDF generated, that showed the header information (transaction payee, date, total amount, notes, description, etc.) in addition to the attached file, for each selected transaction, that would be a huge feature. I realize that depending on the number of transactions, this might be quite large. However, providing a notification that a link will be provided in email when the attachments are ready for download might actually be a way to get by.

Just some thoughts that would make this tool quite a bit more attractive. Many of my friends are skeptical about this software since there are a few functionalities that are missing...I'm hoping that I can convert them sooner rather than later.
by TheKirkwoods on Jun 20, 2020
Lost Attachments
All of my transaction attachment are gone. The transaction still has the paper clip, but next to browse it says "No file selected". Also, when I try to attach a new PDF from my desktop to a transaction, it shows the file name next to browse box. But after I update the transaction and then go back to verify, there is a paper clip but the same "No file selected" message.

What is the solution?
by 5Acre on Nov 27, 2021



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