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SSL Connection Issue with Android App

2/6/2017 in ClearCheckbook News
Update: It appears there's an issue with older versions of Android and the updated SSL certificate we're using. The new certificate uses protocols that aren't supported by old versions of Android (<=3.0) and some very old operating systems. We're working on a fix for this now.

Last Friday (February 3) we had to switch our DNS servers due to our previous one discontinuing service this month. There seems to be some lingering issues with the Android app not connecting with our site for some users and showing No accounts / No balances. All of your data is actually fine and secure on our servers (since no data is actually stored on the app). We believe it's simply a DNS propagation issue and it should be resolved with time. Until that happens you can always access your accounts, balances, budgets and more by visiting from the browser on your phone.

We're monitoring the situation to see when it starts clearing up. The problems don't seem to be affecting everyone which is what makes us think it's taking some time for some Android phones to get the updated DNS information. We've tested logging into the app from several of our own Android devices and it's been working properly.

If you previously had this error in the last few days and then it started working again, please let us know.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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SSL Connection Issue with Android App
Hi, when do you expect to have this resolved? It's been over a week now.

Sean Guy
by seanaguy on Feb 12, 2017



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