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Syncing Issues with the iOS and Android apps

4/16/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Many users are experiencing syncing issues with both the iOS and Android apps. We are currently rebuilding both of these apps and greatly improving all of the syncing functionality and fixing a lot of bugs that have popped up.

Because the current versions of the apps are no longer being developed, we recommend simply visiting from the browser on your phone and managing your finances through there for the next month or so until the new versions of the apps are released.

If you are experiencing syncing issues the only solution right now is to sign out and then sign back into the app. Unfortunately, if there are transactions on your phones that don't appear on the website, those transactions are not going to sync and will be lost in the sign out / sign in process. Before logging out and then logging back in you'll want to look for any transactions that have a cloud icon next to them and re-enter them via the website.

Again, we strongly suggest not using the apps due to these stability issues until the new versions have been launched. We're sorry for any inconvenience and are working as hard as we can to get the new versions out.

Comments for this post:

Thank you Brandon, luckily I have not experienced any synching issues b/w the site & the app on my dinosaur Galaxy J7 Prime.
Also I saw the alert this morning to beta test V5, I thought I was already, LOL. I already like everything i have noticed, the new all CAPs font for DASHBOARD, REGISTER, REPORTS, BUDGETS & TOOLS and also the ?Get help for this page specifically for this page link. I hope that cuts down on a lot of newcomers questions. Keep it up, still loving your creation Brandon
by PHishHead on Apr 18, 2020
Beta Testing
Hi Brandon,
Any chance there will be public beta testing on the new Android App? I would love to be a beta tester and provide feedback.

by mdfalien17 on May 15, 2020
Persistent in 4.0.23 on Android 8
Experienced this problem today, 15 July, three months after this blog post.
by tgarris on Jul 15, 2020



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