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'Zero-Out' Method Reconciliation Tool Now Available

11/28/2018 in ClearCheckbook Updates

We've added a new reconciliation tool if Jiving isn't for you.

While we still stand behind ClearCheckbook's established reconciliation tool, Jiving, we've had many users want a more traditional way to reconcile their bank statements by zeroing out to their ending balance by selecting the transactions that appear on their statement.

The tool we built to handle this is called Zero-Out Reconciliation and can be found by clicking on the " Reconcile" link in the Account Options box at the top right side of the Transaction Register. We moved a few links around and now have the Reconcile link next to the Credit Card payment tool, Search and Export links in the Tools line.

Account Options screenshot
New layout of Account Options box (as seen by ClearCheckbook Premium members)

To quickly summarize how the Zero-Out Reconciliation tool works: you'll select an account, statement end date and the ending balance for the statement. Once done, the site will find all unjived transactions for that account. You'll select the transactions from the statement and at the end the difference between the ending balance and the selected amount should be zero.

Once you've zeroed out the statement, clicking the Reconcile button will jive all the transactions and save the statement details (with an optional memo) to your reconciliation history.

We wrote an extensive step-by-step guide that walks you through how to use the Zero-Out Reconciliation tool as well as provides some common issues and fixes for if your statement doesn't zero-out. This walkthrough can be found here: Zero-Out Reconciliation help (note: you must be logged in and have an active ClearCheckbook Premium membership to see this page / use the new tool)

Zero-Out Reconciliation Sample: The arrows point out a successfully zeroed out statement.
Zero-Out Reconciliation sample

This is new reconciliation tool is available to all ClearCheckbook Premium members. If you haven't upgraded to ClearCheckbook Premium, we encourage you to check out the included upgrades and features here. ClearCheckbook Premium upgrades are how we can keep ClearCheckbook constantly growing and improving. Please consider an upgrade if you haven't already!

Comments for this post:

Adding a Missing Transaction While Doing Zero-Out Reconciliation
I tried the tool tonight to balance my accounts but could not find a way to added missing transactions to complete the reconciliation. I also didn't see a way to save my reconciliation to come back to it after I added the transactions. In the end I lost my whole reconciliation and had to redo it all over again. I would think this would be a critical component and hope I am just missing something.
by edixon on Nov 29, 2018
You can add a transaction in the Zero-Out tool by clicking the + sign at the top of the page, to the right of the Tools link. When added through the Zero-Out page, it will add the transaction to the list, assuming the transaction is unjived and for the account you're currently reconciling.
by Brandon on Nov 29, 2018
Love Jiving
I joined CCB almost 10 years ago now & jiing has become part of my life. For me, the Zero-Out Reconciliation tool just adds more confusion & makes it a mess. IDK for me Jiving has become so easy...especially since the Apps were added...its so much easier now to add a transaction on the go rather than having to go through the CheckBot process (if there's any old time CCBs who remember that). I can be walking back to my vehicle or bicycle entering the trans. I just extra time & I can go paperless (request no receipt). I understand a lot of people are running a business or are independent agents/consultants and need to keep receipts for tax write create a box in your car that you put every receipt into. Take the box out of the car at the end of the day & enter all the transactions you made for that day. IDK jiving has become second nature in my life and I still say CCB IS THE BEST FINANCIAL SOLUTION FOR MY OWN PERSONAL NEEDS.
by PHishHead on Nov 30, 2018
Zero Out tool
Felt the reconciliation was pretty intuitive...until I added some missing transactions, and refreshed the page so they would be placed in chronological order like you do on the register... and literally lost 40 minutes of work - all reconciled transactions were cleared with one click. Ouch! So maybe some clarity on how to save and come back to the work without losing it if not completed it one setting? Also, a suggestion would be to shade or change the line when checked like a jived transaction... makes it easier on the eyes to find mistakes. Thank you for adding this feature - I wasn't used to Jive and was excited to find this! I will hang in hopes it keeps being improved with feedback!
by hthorn on Dec 29, 2018



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