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Bill Tracker gets a Major Overhaul!

12/18/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have completely overhauled the Bill Tracker tool to make it more usable and useful for you. The Bill Tracker now works for bills that aren’t paid monthly by letting you set the bill in the same way you can create reminders. We have also upgraded the way the bills are displayed by color coding them based on when they’re due.

We’ve also tied the bill tracker and the reminders system together a little more. Now you can associate bills with reminders much easier. When you create a new bill or edit an existing one, you have the ability to have the system instantly create a reminder associated with the bill. You can decide right away whether you want to be notified and have the bill auto-post to your account or if you simply want to be notified so you can pay the bill manually.

As a premium member, you can now change the timeframe your bills are displayed for. By default you will see the next 30 days worth of bills but if you’re a premium member you can change this to 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. This should make it easier to plan for the future by seeing what bills will be due in the upcoming months.

A side effect of the new bills system is that some of your previously paid bills might show up as unpaid. If this happens, don’t worry, just click on the bill and click the Delete link. Next, click on the link to “Delete this due date.” This will remove the already paid bill from your list until it’s due next time.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded Bill Tracker. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the tool, please let us know through the comments or by contacting us via the link at the bottom right side of the page.

Help us out and get a free year of premium membership!

12/12/2011 in ClearCheckbook News
We're calling upon you, our ClearCheckbook users, to help us create some walkthroughs/tutorials on how to switch from other financial applications (like Quicken, Microsoft Money, Mint, etc) to ClearCheckbook. Our goal is to have some nice documentation to provide for new users who are looking to switch from another application but aren't quite sure how things match up.

Ideally each tutorial would cover some basic terminology comparisons, how to properly export data from the old financial app so it can easily be imported into CCB and any other helpful information that a new user switching to our site might need. Screenshots to go along with the documentation are always welcome.

Anyone who writes a comprehensive tutorial for us will get a free year's worth of premium membership added to their account.

If you're interested, just contact us via the link at the bottom right side of the page and let us know what app you're interested in writing a switching tutorial for.

Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon.

ClearCheckbook Introduces Debt Snowball Tool

12/8/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're proud to announce the release of our very own Debt Snowball tool to all ClearCheckbook users. The Debt Snowball is a method of loan/debt repayment that has you pay off your smallest debts first. Each time you pay a debt off you take that money and apply it to your next smallest debt. The idea is that as time goes on, you're paying more and more toward your debts similarly to a snowball growing as it goes down a mountain.

The Debt Snowball tool will show you when your loans will be paid off based on your minimum payments and any additional money you're putting toward your debt each month. We also provide you with how much interest is yet to be paid off and a progress bar so you can see how close you are to getting rid of a loan.

The Debt Snowball tool can be found through the Tools menu. In addition to the Debt Snowball page, we also have a gadget so you can quickly see your balances and loan payoff dates from your Dashboard.

You can read some of the help documents about the Debt Snowball tool here:


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