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New navigation structure is now live.

10/21/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have updated the navigation structure to give you a better idea of what each nav item does. The new navigation is broken up into Overviews, Register, Reports, Budgets and Tools sections. There are also two smaller icons to add transactions and search transactions.

The Overviews is the Account Dashboard. The Register is the Summary page. Budgets will take you to the Spending Limits page. Everything else should work as normal.

If you have any questions about the new navigation, please let us know.

ClearCheckbook Developer API Announcement

10/20/2009 in ClearCheckbook News
We're officially announcing the development of the ClearCheckbook API. The ClearCheckbook API will give developers the opportunity to create gadgets, widgets and other applications that interface with ClearCheckbook.

We hope to have a beta version of the API released in the next week or two and are looking for any interested developers to sign up so we can work on testing out the API.

If you're a developer or have experience working with APIs and would like to try out the ClearCheckbook API, please go to our ClearCheckbook Developers page and sign up.

We have also created a forum where developers can talk and discuss the API and potential projects. You can find that on our Forums page.

We look forward to the upcoming possibilities the API will produce!

System wide performance upgrades in progress!

10/17/2009 in ClearCheckbook News
We're currently working on some system wide performance upgrades. We released some last night and will continue to push out new updates over the next couple of days. If we do our job right, the only changes you should notice are some speed increases.

Even though we don't expect any, if you notice any bugs or weird things happening during this time, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom right side of every page and let us know.

We need your feedback and help!

10/12/2009 in ClearCheckbook News
We are currently in the planning stages to build some more debt management/forecasting tools into ClearCheckbook. We would like to know how you currently handle managing/paying/forecasting any current debt you have (Credit cards, student loans, mortgage, etc).

We're simply curious to find out how you currently do it so we can use some of these ideas to build a tool for ClearCheckbook. If you can take a few minutes to contact us and let us know, your help would be greatly appreciated!

You can contact us by hitting the Contact Us link at the bottom right side of the page.


New Feature: Custom Reporting!

10/8/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
A new feature has just been released that lets Premium members create custom reports based on search criteria. You now have the power to essentially create limitless reports based on whatever data you want.

Simply go to Reports and then click on the Custom tab and you can enter your search criteria and some reporting options (whether you want transfers to be included and whether you want a day or month view) and then we'll create the report for you.

Let us know what you think!


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