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ClearCheckbook iPhone App Approved

6/27/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates

The iPhone app has been approved and is available in the App Store to download right now.

You read more about the iPhone App, view screenshots and find a download link here.

iPhone App Submitted

6/20/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates

The iPhone app has been submitted. Now it's in Apple's hands to determine when it'll show up in the App Store.

The app is completely free to use. You can sign into the app with your existing login credentials for the site and all of your data will be synced to your phone.

A few updates and iPhone news

6/3/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have added a few changes to the site this morning. You now have the ability to hide your split transaction children from the transaction list (to take up less room) by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page and then click on General Settings. You can choose to show or hide the split children here. If you hide the split children, they will still be counted toward your reports and budgets and can be found in the search. They will simply be hidden from the transaction register.

We also updated the Estimate Future Balances tool to work for a duration less than one month. You can now project what your balance will be for durations such as 2 weeks in the future.

The iPhone app has been completed. We are going through it and beta testing and fixing any bugs we find for another week and then will submit it to the app store.

Errors some of you received this morning are fixed.

6/3/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We had an unusually intense spike in server usage late last night / early this morning. This was causing some of you to get an error message telling you to contact us. The issue that was causing the spike has been resolved and everything is back to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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