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Welcome Intuit Mint customers!

11/8/2023 in ClearCheckbook News

With Intuit shutting down Mint, we've had a lot of people find ClearCheckbook to replace their financial management software. We know it's always difficult transitioning from a software you're familiar and comfortable with to a new one, but we hope this blog post makes that transition to ClearCheckbook easier.

First off, welcome to ClearCheckbook! We've been helping people manage their finances since 2006 and have grown tremendously over the years, due in large part to feedback and suggestions from our customers. ClearCheckbook is free to sign up and use, but we do have a Premium Membership option that gives you access to over 70 features, tools and settings that aren't available with the free membership. Here are some common questions and answers from Mint customers:

Can I import my Mint data into ClearCheckbook?
Yes! You can import QIF, OFX and QFX files into ClearCheckbook with the free membership (premium members can import CSV files too). We have a tool for importing transactions and you can learn more about how to use the Import Transactions tool in our Importing Transactions knowledge base article.

Can I connect my bank accounts to ClearCheckbook and have my transactions automatically download?
Yes! We offer bank connections via Plaid. These connections allow for your transactions to download automatically from your bank and credit card accounts into ClearCheckbook. You can learn more about connecting your accounts and syncing transactions in our Sync with Banks knowledge base article.

Does ClearCheckbook have any budgeting features?
Yes! We have two different budgeting tools available. One is a standard budgeting tool where you enter the budgeted amount and we track the amount spent via your transactions. The second is an envelope budgeting system where the funding and amount spent values are both taken from your transactions. You can learn more about the standard budgeting tool in our Budgets knowledge base article and you can find out more about the envelope budgets in our Envelope Budgets knowledge base article.

Does ClearCheckbook have a Net Worth tool?
Yes! We will calculate your net worth and track it over time based on your account balances, debts, investments and other assets. We have both a Dashboard gadget as well as a graphical report that shows your net worth over time. You can learn more about the Net Worth reports in our Net Worth Reports knowledge base article.

We also have an extensive knowledge base that covers just about every tool, feature and setting on ClearCheckbook. We encourage you to check it out if you have any questions as you get set up and start using ClearCheckbook. Some helpful knowledge base articles to help you get started are:

  • Getting Started - This article walks through how our various accounts, categories, budgets, recurring transactions, etc all work together. This will help you familiarize yourself with how ClearCheckbook works compared to Mint.
  • Adding Transactions - You can manually add transactions, import them, have them automatically synced from your bank or schedule recurring transactions. This article explains all these options.
  • Transaction Register - Our transaction register is where you can see all of your transactions in one place. You can perform reconciliations, view specific types of transactions or transactions for specific accounts.
  • Reconciliation Methods - We have two ways of reconciling your transactions and accounts. Which one you decide on will depend on what you're used to doing and what makes the most sense to you.
If you have any other questions as you get set up, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact us through our Contact Form at any time. The Contact Us link is also available at the bottom of every page.

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ClearCheckbook is Awesome
I have been using ClearCheckbook for years and there is nothing better out there. Keep up the great work!
by gmeyer8 on Jan 3, 2024



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